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We will create a sales page that will maximize sales of your digital products, providing comprehensive assistance, from offer to website content.
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Benefits of working with us

Increase your sales

Increase authority among your audience.

Receive service delivery in 10 days or less.

Receive full support right from the start.

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Our process.

With our team of experts, we can deliver a high-quality, individual sales page in just 10 or less days.


Submission of a form with key questions.
Identification of the main problems your product solves and its benefits.


Creating a design and persuasive copywriting.
Programming the sales page and implementing engaging communication.


Weekly testing of different hypotheses using A/B testing for 2 months to continuously improve results.

Convert Knowledge isn't only web design

Our support include:
Effective script for sales page video
Persuasive copywriting
A/B testing to constantly improve the effectiveness of your page based on real-time data
Individual design that builds authority.
Anchoring a price for your course that makes it look like a great deal everytime
Adding engaging contact forms to your website, through video, audio, or text
Creating valuable bonuses, such as checklists, ebooks, or community servers to increase offer value
Assistance in identifying the key benefits for the audience and the pains your course resolves
Tutorial about implementing small changes in easy way on your own after work
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Free resources

We also share our knowledge in this way! Feel free to use it.

Ebook 16 Tips To Increase Sales Of Your Online Course

We gathered all of our knowledge and from a long list of essential principles for creating effective sales pages, I selected the top 16 best, simple yet incredibly powerful methods to increase sales on your online course page. You have the opportunity to receive it for free.
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Quick knowledge

Qualitative informations presented in a simple way for quick understanding, allowing you to learn something new at any moment, and as easy as possible. Short form videos and posts.
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Detailed tutorials

Comprehensive explanations of topics covered in e-book and content from Instagram, including detailed step-by-step instructions to help you understand how to create a effective sales page from scratch.
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My name is Dominik

I am the owner of Convert Knowledge. I can't count how much money I have invested in courses and mentorships, but the truth is that they have been life-changing investments. That's why I created Convert Knowledge with a mission to help sell valuable knowledge. There is nothing more important than having access to quality knowledge on the path to great achievements.

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Convert Your Knowledge Into Sales